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ST-30C Series Rear-facing Stereo Microscope
Designed and developed for the learning environment. FisherbrandTM ST-30C Series Rear-facing Stereo Microscope has a choice between the innovative cordless LED illumination or conventional tungsten lighting system.
• 45° Inclined rear-facing binocular head with diopter adjustment on left eyetube
• Widefield eyepieces 10X/20mm
• 2X/4X magnification changer
• Objectives are parfocal, parcentric and achromatic. Magnification is changed by turning the turret 180° to
 the click stop
 Cat. No
Lighting Type
Electrical Requirements
Pack qty
11702656 15254878
220V 1
Charger 100 - 240V/ 1 Rechargeable batteries
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