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   Lab Essentials
Polypropylene Microplates, 384- well
Offers higher well density for economical use of expensive reagents. FisherbrandTM Polypropylene Microplates, 384- well include round-shaped wells for optimal sample recovery.
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/8313050
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/153498
         • Ideal for storage of compounds and nucleic acid libraries
• Chemical resistant
• Withstands temperatures from -80° to +80°C
• Conform to ANSITM standard footprint for optimal use in automated
handling and liquid-dispensing systems
384-Well Polystyrene Plates
Process four times as many samples as standard 96-well plates
• Highly specified polystyrene • Ideal for low-volume assays
such as colorimetric, enzymatic,
cloning, replication, and array, as well as storage • Flat well bottom surface provides greater area for
Lid for 96/384 Well Polystyrene Plates
Protect samples from contamination and evaporation during assay processing, incubation or storage
• Clear
• Non-sterile
• Working volume: 10–100μL
11927964 180
 Cat. No
Pack qty
 Cat. No
Well Shape
Pack qty
 11947954 13565440 13555440 13545440
Rounded Square
   Clear Triangular 100
Adhesive Plate Seals
Seals are optically clear for PCR applications
• Seals most plates
• Rated from -40 to ±125°C • Polypropylene
  Cat. No
Pack qty
  11977954 11987954
Yellow 120 Blue 120
Rounded Square 100
Rounded Square 100
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/4511068
 384-Well DeepWell Polypropylene Microplates
Store more material and are ideal for compound library storage
• Excellent for storing DMSO and other strong chemicals and solvents
1536-Well Polystyrene Plates
Engineered for high throughput screening, allowing end users to screen four times as many samples in one plates
• Highly specified polystyrene
• Available in black, white and clear
• Low plate height optimized for stacking efficiency • Working volume range: 1–10lμL/well
15963620 100
   Cat. No
Pack qty
   • Well shape maximizes sample retrieval
• Compatible with robotics and automation
• Rounded square wells minimize wicking (capillary action)
13555450 60
13595440 13575440 13585440
White 100 Clear 100 Black 100
 Cat. No
Pack qty
    Cat. No
Pack qty
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