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   Lab Essentials
Glass Pear- Shaped Separating Funnel with PTFE Stopcock
Constructed in chemical resistant
borosilicate glass. FisherbrandTM Glass Pear-Shaped Separating Funnel with PTFE Stopcock separates mixtures into immiscible solvents. Available with interchangeable glass or PTFE stopcock, but supplied with a glass and plastic stopper.
• Constructed in chemical resistant borosilicate glass.
• ISO 4800 Certified.
• Easy-open stopper helps to reduce pressure buildup during
Disposable Paper Mini Funnels
Fits a wide variety of openings and can be used with virtually any liquid* or powder. FisherbrandTM Disposable Paper Mini Funnels biodegrade naturally in the standard waste stream for a more environmentally friendly product.
• Innovative ‘backrest’ allows hands-free pouring
• Maximum flexibility – cut the stem to any size or shape to meet with
your needs
• Supplied in Packs of 25
• Dimensions: 186 mL cap, top Dia. 0.64 cm2, height 12.8cm
15346568 25
  Separating Funnels
Disposable Funnels
     Cat. No
Pack qty
11942138 11952138 11962138 11972138 11982138
50 mL
100 mL
250 mL
500 mL
1000 mL
19/26 1
19/26 1
24/29 1
24/29 1
29/32 1
 Cat. No
Stopper Number
Pack qty
            Borosilicate Glass Weighing Funnels
Introduce powder via the tubular stem. FisherbrandTM Borosilicate Glass Weighing Funnels are ideal for weighing small quantities of powder.
Ideal for weighing small quantities of powder.
  Powder can be introduced via the tubular stem.
 Cat. No
Pack qty
11572902 11582902 11592902
70 mm
85 mm
100 mm
3mL 1
6mL 1
10 mL 1
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 Weighing Funnels
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