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   Equipment & Instruments
 Magnetic Stirrers
 RT Basic Magnetic Stirrers
Reliability with plug and play simplicity — ideal for routine stirring applications
• Low profile lightweight design with small footprint
• Strong magnetic coupling to ensure consistent stirring during experimental procedures • Brushless DC Motor will not generate heat and “cook” sample
• Polypropylene top and body provides excellent chemical resistance
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15336607 2L
15346607 4L
15356607 5L
130mm x 30mm x 65mm 1
185mm x 185mm x 65mm 1
230mm x 230mm x 65mm 1
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Microstirrer Magnetic Stirrer
 Ensures a high resistance to chemical agents. FisherbrandTM Microstirrer Magnetic Stirrer is small, simple and efficient while remaining cold even after several days of continuous use.
• Control panel is shielded from liquid spills • Epoxy-coated tough steel casing
• Long life operation
• Accepts up to 5 liter flasks
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