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  ZX3 Vortex Mixer
 Offers excellent flexibility and versatility and provides stable mixing at high speeds. FisherbrandTM ZX3 Vortex Mixer can be connected to many platforms and accessories which are easily attached and securely fitted with simple pressure.
• Variable speed operation, electronically controlled up to 3000rpm • Automatic start in touch mode or continuous operation
• Large choice of accessories to suit tubes, plates and flasks
• Universal voltage / frequency model
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     ZX4 IR Vortex Mixer
 Automatically starts vibrating when the mixer detects the presence of the test tube. FisherbrandTM ZX4 IR Vortex Mixer is ideal for mixing a variety of tubes and containers.
• Vibration starts when tube is detected by IR • No fatigue as no pressure is required
• Eliminates repetitive strain injury
• IR sensor and continuous modes
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