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   Lab Essentials
Weigh Boats and Dishes
Weighing Papers
Nitrogen-free for a very smooth surface and good sample recovery.
• Strong enough to support dense material
• 500 per pack
• 12 packs per case
• Disposable
15630951 500
Disposable Aluminum Dishes with Fluted Sides
Useful as evaporating and general utility dishes
• Made of lightweight aluminum • Flat bottoms
• Fluted or slightly fluted sides • Flanged rims
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/88509
Aluminum Weighing Dishes with Fluted Sides
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/8000816
   Weigh Boats and Dishes
     Cat. No
Diameter Inner Top
Diameter Inner Base
Pack qty
 Cat. No
Pack qty
11739418 11749418 11774059 11784059
60 mL
75 mL
200 mL
500 mL
64 mm
62 mm
109 mm
180 mm
59 mm 1200
Designed for moisture
determination balances.
FisherbrandTM Aluminum
Weighing and Drying Dish is ideal
for general purpose weighing,
storage, processing or drying. Extra large, light-weight aluminum dishes measure 108mm diameter. Includes 50 disposable, stackable dishes per pack.
• Ideal for sample weighing, dispensing, storage, food processing, evaporating or drying
• Also ideal as a dust cover for open vessels or as sample holders • Made from oil-free, light gauge aluminum that is FDA/food-grade
• Tapered walls promote stable stacking
   46 mm
   Aluminum Weighing Dishes
Aluminum dishes for weighing and dispensing
• Also can serve as evaporating dishes or dust covers
• Lightweight, yet sturdy
• Convenient finger-grip handle can
be etched prior to weighing for identification
• With smooth sides
• Lightweight dishes with flanged rims
Disposable Aluminum Weighing/Drying Pans
11998084 11908094 11918094 11988084
43 mm 100
57 mm 100
70 mm 100
101 mm 50
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/6877032
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/22749
77 mm 50
137 mm 50
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/320155
       Cat. No
Pack qty
           Designed for weighing, drying
and more. Compatible with many
popular balances and moisture
analyzers. Choice of 10.9cm and 12.2cm diameter dishes.
• General-purpose weighing pans also used for dispensing, storage, evaporating and drying
• Compatible with many popular balances and moisture analyzers, including: OhausTM, Mettler ToledoTM, SartoriusTM, Denver InstrumentTM and more
• Constructed of durable aluminum to hold up to lab uses
11754059 500
FSCTM Mix Paper Weighboats
  Cat. No
Diameter Inner Base
Pack qty
11789408 10297593 11799408 11709418
20 mL 42 mL 65 mL 70 mL
13 mm 17 mm 16 mm 17.3 mm
44 mm 51 mm 69 mm 68.2 mm
Fluted Sides Fluted Sides Fluted Sides Smooth Sides
1000 144 1000 1000
Available in small and medium
sizes in both brown for light colored samples and white for dark samples. FisherbrandTM FSCTM Mix Paper Weighboats are an environmentally friendly, easy to use alternative to regular weighing papers.
• Available in small and medium in both brown for light colored samples and white for dark samples
• Made from FSCTM Certified (FSCTM Mix) paper (Eco-IN) and when disposed of in the standard waste stream they will naturally biodegrade (Eco-OUT)
• Present a truly green solution to sample weighing
• Control contents like a polystyrene weigh boat
          Cat. No
Pack qty
  Cat. No
Pack qty
15432214 15408113 15442214
Medium; 47.6 x 47.6 x 14.2 mm 500
Small; 35 x 35 x 15.8 mm 500
Medium; 47.6 x 47.6 x 14.2 mm 500
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