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   Lab Essentials
Racks and Supports
Polypropylene Microtube Storage Box
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Polypropylene Micro Tube Rack
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Foam Tube Rack
Array 50 or 100 microtubes for long-term storage with a minimal footprint. FisherbrandTM Foam Tube Racks are constructed of lightweight foam and are designed to nest and stack with maximum stability. Wells are arrayed with extra space to make tube access easier.
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      Store 1.5 to 2.0 mL microtubes
in secure boxes. FisherbrandTM
Polypropylene Microtube Storage
Box features an easy-open lid
and snap clasp, with molded
grid lines and imprinted coordinates for easy identification. These boxes are natural colored and constructed of sturdy, autoclavable polypropylene.
• Stores 1.5 to 2.0 mL microtubes or cryogenic vials
• Each well has a well diameter of 12.3 mm
• 50-well option ideal for sample or case study storage
• 100-well option ideal for larger storage requirementsUser-friendly
Store 1.5 to 2.0mL microtubes in
color-coded racks. FisherbrandTM
Polypropylene Micro Tube Rack
stores up to 80 screw-top vials
for benchtop use, storage or
transport of samples. Color-coded
racks feature molded-in coordinates and handles for easy handling. Autoclavable and suitable for freezing.
• Holds 80 screw-cap microtubes or cryogenic vials in 1mm diameter wells
• Lightweight microtube racks are ideal for long-term studies or tube storage
• Two-piece racks are constructed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam
• Extra spacing between wells allows easy gripping with fingertips
• Racks stack securely with nesting features on lid and base for
minimal footprint
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• Stores 1.5 to 2.0mL tubes in compact arrangement (5 x 16 array)
• Color coded to easily identify specific laboratory procedures or
individual technicians
• Molded-in coordinates for easy sample organization and location
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Assorted (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow)
5 x 10
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10 x 10
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Natural Blue Green Pink Yellow Orange Assorted Red
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Polypropylene 2 in 1 Micro-centrifuge Tube Rack
Constructed of polyproylene. FisherbrandTM Polypropylene 2 in 1 Micro-centrifuge Tube Rack accommodates up to 96 centrifuge tubes.
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                           Microtube Rack
Allows users to easily open, identify and remove only the segments of samples needed. FisherbrandTM Microtube Rack eliminates the hassle of taking an entire rack of samples out of cold storage which could reduce the risk of potential cross- contamination.
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    96-Well PCR Tube Rack
• Polypropylene racks have 96 wells to accommodate microtubes on two sides
• Arranged in standard 8 x 12 array
• Handy lid snaps into place in the tabs on each end of rack
• Grid lines make it easier to see wells
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• Eight individual segments per box
• Tube segments are made from durable polypropylene
• Helps reduce potential cross contamination
• Saves valuable working space and allows more room for sample
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Use with pre- or post-PCRTM
sampling applications.
FisherbrandTM Polypropylene
96-Well PCRTM Rack includes 96
easily identified tube wells. The
removable hinged lies flat and the
rack is autoclavable. Made of sturdy polypropylene.
• 0.2mL Tubes, 96 Wells (5.2mm dia.)
• Made of polypropylene
• Accommodates individual tubes or strips • Removable hinged lid lies flat
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Assorted (Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow) Natural
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