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   Lab Essentials
Racks and Supports
Low Temp PCR 96-well Storage Rack
Provides the capacity to slide, set, work and store PCR samples. The FisherbrandTM Low Temp PCR 96-well Storage Rack includes textured finger grips to provide
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Storage Box
Create storage space without crowding limited workspace. FisherbrandTM Storage Box uses magnetic mounting to store miscellaneous lab and office supplies off the benchtop. Constructed of durable, brightly colored ABS plastic.
Universal Pipette Wall Mount
      a secure hold, a unique sliding and rotating lid, and a closed base design th
• Ambidextrous lid can be switched to accommodate left or right hand orientation.
• Easily organize common lab and office accessories off your bench top
• Robust ABS plastic is translucent for easy content identification and access
• Features four powerful magnets for a secure hold onto most metal surfaces
• Mount on non-metallic surfaces with a self-adhesive metal mounting plate, provided
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Save valuable bench top space
by holding and storing pipettes in
the Universal Wall Mount Pipette
Holder. The pipette holder comes
with two wall mounting brackets
that can hold two pipettes each
and is supplied with different colored upper and lower segments that easily slide into place.
• Ideal for labs that do not wish to be tied into a specific brand of pipette, or already have multiple brands in use
• Holds 2 single channel, or 2 multi-channel pipettes, or a combination of both
• Pipettes are held in a vertical position to help prevent contamination
• Inserts on the upper holders can be added or removed to
accommodate the fit of different pipette widths
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• Detachable lid.
• Holds 0.2mL tubes, individual or strip.
• 96 wells 8x12 configuration.
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   Polypropylene PCR Rack, Reversible
Pipette Holder
Hang under a shelf to help maximize your working space. FisherbrandTM Pipette Holder accommodates 12 single-channel pipettes or a combination of
3 single and 3 multichannel pipettes.
• Pipettes can be held in the rubber grips and/or the plunger hooks
• Holds most common brands
• Rubber grips prevent scratching pipette
• Holder rotates for easy pipette selection and storage
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Microtube Boxes
Designed to ensure that the tubes contained will remain in their appointed wells even if the box is tipped or knocked when the lid is in place. FisherbrandTM Microtube Boxes have a low profile and will fit into most standard freezers.
   Flip the rack over for different-
sized microtube wells.
FisherbrandTM Polypropylene
PCRTM Rack, Reversible includes
wells for 0.2mL, 0.5mL and 1.5mL
tubes. The removable hinged fits on both sides and the rack is fully autoclavable. Made of sturdy polypropylene in a variety of colors.
• Store in mechanical freezers
or vapor phase LN2 to reduce the possibility of damage during removal.
• Will fit into most standard freezer racking
• Complete with well dividers in packs of 10
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 • Reversible rack features wells for microtubes on both sides
• PCR side of the rack holds 8 or 12 x 0.2 mL tube strips or 168
individual tubes (well dia: 5.5mm)
• Reverse side holds 40 x 0.5 mL tubes (well dia: 7.6mm)
• Both sides of the rack have 12 wells for 1.5 mL tubes (well dia:
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