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   Lab Essentials
Stainless Steel Bow Tongs
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Nickel Straight Tongs
Designed using high quality nickel 200 components these tongs have good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments.
• Laboratory straight tong, nickel
200 spec (minimum 99.6% nickel content), bright finish
    Designed using high quality components these corrosion resistant, non-magnetic bow tongs feature excellent heat resistance and great cryogenic stability.
• 304 spec 18/8 non-magnetic stainless steel laboratory bow tongs with PTFE coated jaws
• Corrosion resistant, non-magnetic bow tongs
• Applied as a self priming single coat PTFE
• Excellent heat resistance and great cryogenic stability
• Made of Nickel 200 that is commercially pure (99.6%) wrought nickel • Has good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to many
corrosive environments
• Features high thermal and electrical conductivities, low gas content
and low vapor pressure
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11543522 150mm
11557872 203mm 1
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 Ward Pattern Furnace Tongs
For protection and safety when handling heated objects in the laboratory. Ward Pattern Furnace Tongs are fitted with a circular shield to protect the hand against radiation from the furnace.
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     • Manufactured from stainless steel
• For handling a wide variety of crucibles, especially in muffle furnaces • Operated by thumb action with one hand
11899601 590mm 1 11869701 740mm 1
Brass Test Tube Holder
Accepts tubes of up to 45mm in diameter.
• With a wooden handle
• Overall length of 225mm
• Excellent for general laboratory use
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