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   Lab Essentials
Film and Foil Wrapping and Dispensers
Aluminum Foil, Standard-Gauge Roll
For sealing, weighing, and transferring samples
• Packed in individual dispenser box with cutter bar
• Heavy-gauge rolls (0.024mm thick) offer greater folding strength, good for covering sharp edges
Sealing Film Dispenser for ParafilmTM
Cuts and dispenses film safely. FisherbrandTM ParafilmTM Sealing Film Dispenser is supplied with two safety razor cutting blades.
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Mini BinTM Foil Dispenser
   Film and Foil Wrapping and Dispensers
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Pack qty
 Cat. No
Pack qty
11759408 18μM 30cm
11749408 18μm 30.5cm
11779408 24μm 46cm
Foil Roll
Cut foil to any size length. FisherbrandTM Foil Roll can be used with the Mini Bin Foil Dispenser or on its own.
• Custom-sized pieces of foil can easily be created for covering small surfaces such as beakers, flasks, tubes, and Petri dishes
7.6 m 60 m 7.6 m
1 1 1
(4-inch) roll
11350040 11865993 11875993
Green 1 Red 1
• ABS plastic dispenser designed with a safety razor that slides and cuts with no danger to fingers.
• Supplied with two easily exchanged cutting blades.
• Dispenser holds one or two 50 mm (2-inch) rolls, or one 100 mm
Safely cut foil to any size.
FisherbrandTM Mini BinTM Foil
Dispenser creates any length of
foil without the waste of giant rolls
or expense of pre-cut squares.
Compact design is ideal for
limited workspaces. Constructed of sturdy ABS plastic with a non- slip base and integrated safety guard.
• Ideal for autoclaving, freezing, incubating, protecting laboratory ware, lining, sealing and general storage
• Compact size fits in limited work spaces and is easy to transport
• Precise cutting blade protected by a safety guard integrated into the
• Foam strip prevents foil from retracting back into the unit
11957994 1
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   Dispenser Box Top for ParafilmTM M
The Box Top Dispenser is an easy application with no mess.
Acrylic ParafilmTM Dispenser
    • Ideal for autoclaving, freezing, incubating, protecting labware, lining, sealing, and general storage
• 152.4m of foil available in two widths: 102mm or 153mm
• Disposable
11967994 102mm 1 11977994 153mm 1
• •
• •
Accommodates two 50 mm
(2-inch), or one 100 mm (4-inch)
ParafilmTM M rolls
Easy application, simply place the dispenser on top of the ParafilmTM M box and pull the sealing film through, there is no need to remove rolls from the packaging
Built in safety blade slides and cuts with no danger to fingertips and eliminates the need for scissors
Supplied with two safety blades, additional replacement blades are available for purchase
Store, dispense and cut sealing
film. FisherbrandTM Acrylic
ParafilmTM Dispenser features a
serrated cutting blade to easily
slice film. Sturdy dispenser holds
50mm or 100mm rolls without
cluttering your workspace. Clear sides make it easy to monitor inventory level.
• Heavy-duty construction for increased durability
• Ideal for ParafilmTM, tape, labels and Tough-TagsTM
• Strong, crystal-clear acrylic dispenser with a serrated cutting blade • Holds two 50mm rolls side-by-side or one 100mm roll
11937994 1
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16390412 1
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