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Blenders and Homogenisers
  Q700 Sonicator without Probe
 Guarantees more efficient operation, sample-to-sample consistency and most importantly, a reliable end result. FisherbrandTM Q700 Sonicator without Probe is the most technologically advanced sonicator available today.
• Full amplitude control from 1-100%
• Programmability including processing times, pulse on/off and memory • Optional temperature monitor probe
• Built lead-free
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     150 Watt Hand Held Homogeniser
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 Process samples reliably, quickly and efficiently. FisherbrandTM 150 Watt Hand Held Homogeniser is a high performance, light weight tissue homogeniser.
• Designed for comfortable hand-held use or can be mounted to motor stand for lengthier processing
• Interchangeable quick connect rotor stator generator probes provides flexibility to process samples from
200μL to 100mL
• Stainless steel probes (5mm - 10mm diameter) are designed for long life and are easy to disassemble for
• Plastic probes virtually eliminate risk of cross contamination and carryover between samples, can be
 cleaned for reuse in most cases
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