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   Lab Essentials
Animal Research
Animal Ear Punch and Tags
Fisherbrand Ear Punch is used for punching holes into an animal’s ear for labeling purposes.
• For use with animal ear tags
• Thumb-type for punching holes
into thin part of animal’s ear
• Plier-type: Provides a longer handle for gripping and punching into
animal’s ear
• Made from corrosion-resistant ASTM (899-94) series 400 stainless
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 Animal Research
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  Drosophila Products, BuzzPlugsTM Vial and Bottle Closures
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/33369
  Non-shedding, dense weave of
non-toxic cellulose acetate minimizes evaporation, keeps food fresh longer
• Superior barrier to mite infestation
• Exact fit with narrow 25mm (0.9 in.) or wide 28.5mm (1.1 in.) dia.
plastic shell vials or standard (≈24mm dia.) glass vials or plastic
stock bottles
• Stretches yet maintains tight fit after repeated removal and closing
• Flat surface accepts marking pen
10550152 1000
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