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  PowerPro 3 Amp
 FisherbrandTM PowerPro 3 Amp is a power supply designed for virtually all high current electrophoresis applications.
• 5 pairs of outputs
• Higher current output capability is perfect for electroblotting units with high-intensity plate electrodes.
• Electrotransfers may be performed as timed runs in constant or programmable mode to prevent overheating
and buffer depletion.
• A run time extendable to a maximum 999 minutes in constant mode is also useful for overnight transfers
undertaken at constant low current in wire electrode systems.
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     PowerPro 500
 FisherbrandTM PowerPro 500 is an excellent general-purpose power supply that fits the broadest range of electrophoresis applications, and can run as many as four units under a constant or programmable setting.
• Perfect for horizontal or vertical electrophoresis • Rigorous in-built safety mechanisms
• Dual voltage compatibility
• 5 pairs of outlets
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