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  MultiSUB Mini Horizontal Gel System
 Economical buffer and gel consumption due to unit’s small footprint. FisherbrandTM MultiSUB Mini Horizontal Gel System includes loading guides and dams.
• Supplied with 70mm x 70mm and 70mm x 100mm gel trays • Economic low gel and buffer volumes
• Small footprint
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      multiSUB Midi96 Horizontal Gel System
 Suitable for analysis of up to 96 PCR fragment length polymorphisms loaded from 96-well microplates or thermal cycler blocks.
• 96-well comb block format
• Standard microplate configuration with additional lanes for markers
• Offset layout of the wells allows maximum run length of 1.8cm per well which results in improved separation • Simplified leak-proof casting dams
• Ultra-compact size minimizes buffer usage and bench space requirements
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