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   Lab Essentials
Tube Caps
Screw Caps for Disposable Glass Tubes
Phenolic caps have cemented-in rubber liners
• Autoclavable
• Polypropylene cap is linerless
Polypropylene Closure with Ultrasonically Welded PTFE Liner
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/8015212
Caps for Screwthread Diagnostic Vials
   Screw Caps
   http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/74438
  Cat. No
Pack qty
 Cat. No
Closure Size
Pack qty
11547133 11567133
13-415 1000 18-415 1000
For use with screw-thread culture and centrifuge tubes
• Provides superior closure system capable of maintaining its liner through multiple autoclavable operations
• PTFE-coated surface of exposed liner is chemical-resistant and compatible with sensitive, corrosive and volatile solvents
For the safe and secure closure
of vials in the laboratory.
FisherbrandTM Caps for Screwthread Diagnostic Vials are manufactured from pharmaceutical grade polypropylene.
• White in color
• To fit thread finish 15.5mm (15.5R4)
14803592 1000
    Cat. No
Closure Size
Pack qty
   11522672 11532672
13-415 288 15-415 288
20mm PP Screw Seal, White, Closed top, 20-400 thread, Assembled septum
Polypropylene caps are chemically inert and suitable for most chromatography applications.
• 20mm
• Combination Seal • PP
• Screw Cap
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/7113889
    White Urea Screw Caps
Suitable for most applications that call for screw neck bottles. FisherbrandTM White Urea Screw Caps are EPE lined.
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/8002161
    • Multiple thread size options
• Excellent closing option for screw neck bottles and vials
14813592 14843592
15.5 mm
22 mm 1000
Screw Caps for Disposable Glass Tubes
Linerless, one-piece closures with inner sealing ring
• Polypropylene • Autoclavable
http://MODELE/3col http://FAMILYID/8015213
   Cat. No
Closure Size
Pack qty
 Cat. No
Closure Size
Pack qty
   Cat. No
Pack qty
11587133 11597133
15-415 1000 18-415 500
11855060 1000
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