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Sound Enclosure for Models 505/705 Sonic Dismembrators
Recirculating Chiller for Sonicators Accessories: Tubing/Connector Set
Accessories for recirculating chiller
    Sound Enclosure for Model
505/705 Sonic Dismembrator.
Sonic Dismembrators are
extremely loud devices that can cause discomfort to the user
and anyone nearby. The Sound Enclosure reduces noise by approximately 20 dBa and is made to work with all accessories. In addition to reducing noise, the Sound Enclosure has an internal support rod and converter mounting system. Any Fisherbrand probe or horn will be held safely and securely inside the unit.
• Sound Reducing Enclosure including stand and clamp
• For use with Model 505/705 Sonic Dismembrator
• Two ports are located on either side of the enclosure for coolant
tubing or a temperature monitoring probe
• Interior walls are lined with water-resistant acoustical foam
• Quick-connect tubing and fittings (sold separately) are used to attach Chiller to ports on the cup horn
• Allows cold water to recirculate through the ultrasonic horn reservoir
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