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  Mini Tube Rotator
http://MODELE/1col http://FAMILYID/6731187
 Can be utilized across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines,including, but not limited to, molecular biology, clinical, and biochemistry
• Small footprint
• Digital RPM Display
• Maintenance free motor with quiet operation
• Paddles are easily adjustable/interchanged - Each paddle can be adjusted from 0-90 degrees
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Bottle and tube roller, variable speed 1 to 80rpm, digital display
 Sleek and compact bottle/tuberoller is capable of rolling multiple sizes of tubes or bottles.
• Adjustable speed to accomodate a variety of applications
• Stackable unit to save some bench space
• CO2 resistant, optional remote control to operate while in incubator or biosafety cabinet • Speed range: 1 to 80rpm
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